Endorsement Information for Candidates

This page contains information about East Bay Stonewall's endorsement process for candidates seeking public office. Please review this information carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the club: 

When does East Bay Stonewall hold its endorsement meetings? 
Endorsement meetings are typically held during election years, in the spiring (prior to the Primary Election) and in the fall (prior to the General Election). Additional endorsement meetings may be scheduled as needed. Please check our Events Page for dates of upcoming endorsement meetings. 

How can I tell when Stonewall will be considering endorsements in my race?
Per the Club's bylaws, the very earliest that Stonewall could possibly consider an endorsement is 7 days after the close of filing. As a practical matter, endorsement meetings are typically held 4-6 weeks after the close of filing. If your filing date is in March, Stonewall may consider your race in the Spring; if your filing date in August, Stonewall may consider your race in the fall. Please check our website regularly for updates. 

Who is eligible for endorsement?
Per the Club's bylaws and subject to the requirements of the California Democratic Party bylaws and the laws of the State of California, the Club may make endorsements of candidates for local, state and federal office and for State and Local Ballot Measures. To be eligible for endorsement, a candidate must be a registered Democrat and must submit a completed endorsement questionnaire. For a State or Local Ballot Measure to be eligible, it must be qualified for the ballot. 

Does Stonewall consider endorsements in all races?
Per the Club's bylaws, only candidates seeking public office with a jurisdiction over all or a portion of Alameda County, may seek the official endorsement of the Club. The Club generally does not consider endorsements for every local, state and federal race or measure in Alameda County. The Political Affairs Committee may determine which election races and ballot measures to consider for endorsement in a given election cycle, and generally consider a variety of factors, including whether is an openly LGBTQ candidate in the race. 

How do I complete the questionnaire?
Eligible candidates may complete the online questionnaire. For the Sept. 19, 2022, endorsement meeting, the deadline for submitting questionnaires is Sept. 5th at 11:59 PM. Any candidate submitting a questionnaire that is received after the deadline will not appear on the endorsement ballot. To ensure a fair process, no grace period will be granted. Please note that completing a questionnaire does not guarantee that your race will be considered for endorsement, per the item above. 

What is the threshold for endorsement?
If any one candidate receives at least 60% of the vote, they will be considered endorsed by Stonewall and would be eligible for support from the club as appropriate in accordance with the bylaws.

Is Stonewall membership required?
You are not required to be a member to be eligible for endorsement. Candidates who are members are denoted as such on the endorsement ballot, and endorsed candidates who are members receive a higher tier of support from the Club. 

How do I know if I am a member?
To see if your membership is current, login to the member portal. Your username is your email address. You can reset your password if you don't know it. If you have questions, send us an email (eastbaystonewalldems@gmail.com).

How does voting happen?
Voting takes place through our website. All eligible members are invited to login and cast their vote online. Attendance at the endorsement meeting is not required to vote. Members will need login information to gain access. The link will be provided to members at the time of the endorsement meeting.

Who is eligible to vote in the endorsement process?
Current Stonewall members in good standing will be given the opportunity to vote at the endorsement meeting. Members must have joined/renewed at least 7 days in advance of the meeting to be eligible to vote. Those wishing to join the club may sign up for membership on our website. Your email is your username. You can reset your password if you don't know it. If you have any questions as to whether you are an eligible voting member, please email, eastbaystonewalldems@gmail.com.

I am running for office but have not received information about the edorsement process, why is that?
It is up to each candidate to check our website and understand the endorsement process, inluding deadlines and meeting info. As a courtesy, we make a considerable effort to locate email addresses for candididates on the websites of the registrars of voters and through campaign websites. If your email address is not readily available, we do not have the means to send you information. Again, this email is a courtesy; it is up to each candidate to know what is required and by when. 

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